Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment
Posted on March 5, 2013

A front end alignment may be needed if your car drifts or pulls to one side, the steering wheel is off center, your tires wear unevenly, or just doesn’t seem to handle properly.
If your wheels are lined up correctly with each other, they are in alignment. Running into potholes, curbs or … knocks your wheels out of alignment. Then they start pulling and problems begin.
Driving, when your car is out of alignment causes wear. Sometimes a tire can wear so much, it fails! You can damage expensive suspension parts too. Alignment is adjustable on all vehicles, and it is cheap insurance against a number of hassles.
Rarely does a modern car need just an alignment. Nearly always it is a sign of a more serious suspension problem. Putting off an alignment/inspection could put you and your family at risk.

Your car’s manufacturer has suggested a mileage interval checking alignment, but running into a curb, pothole or something else can effect your alignment. It is best to check your alignment before damage is done.

Proper alignment will extend the life of your tires and suspension parts. Your tires will meet the road for maximum performance and safety too!

Ask Ace Auto Doctor & Repair for more information. We look forward to seeing you.

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Stop, You’re Strangling Your Engine!

Ace Auto Doctor & Repair: Why Replace Your Engine Air Filter?

Your car or pickup needs clean air to operate properly. How much? For every gallon of gas we burn, twenty pounds of carbon dioxide comes out the tailpipe. Obviously, most of that comes from the air, not 7 pounds of fuel!  In fact, it takes twelve thousand gallons of air to burn a gallon of gas. You can imagine how much harder it is, and how much fuel gets wasted, if your engine is choking on a dirty air filter!

Replacing a dirty air filter improves fuel economy by up to ten percent. At today’s prices, most filters will pay for themselves in one oil change. This is to say nothing of sensors in your engine that adjust fuel and air mixtures constantly as you drive.  They have to work harder, tend to get dirtier and wear out faster when you don’t change your air filter. Your engine’s computer has to make broader adjustments too. When your engine needs an air filter, replace it. It’s one of the most affordable maintenance items you can buy and provides potentially your best insurance against fuel and repair expenses.


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Recall Notices & TSB’s


No matter how well made, cars have design and manufacturing updates. If the government thinks the problem is serious enough, they will issue a recall. They try to reach everyone, but some are missed. Always take recalls seriously. Recalls are generally only issued for safety concerns. Ace can check to see if your vehicle has any outstanding recall notices. Normally, we assume you know, so be sure to ask us if you aren’t certain. This is yet another free service Ace offers.


If you have given Ace your email address, you have a Personal U.R.L. (website) for your vehicle. You can check for recalls from your site too!


Often, there are less safety related, but still significant issues. For these manufacturers issue Technical Service Bulletins (TSB’s). They help Ace know how to repair difficult problems.

Ace gets updated information through subscription plans. Once again, let us know if you want Ace to check for any important TSB’s related to your vehicle.

Not all TSB’s are important. Many are just handy “how too.’s” for making repairs, so don’t be surprised if ever you see a list that seems to be quite long. Most cars are like that because Manufacturers want service facilities to be able to service your vehicles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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How Can An Auto Repair Shop Be GREEN?

Ace might be the last place you would think to look for green practices. In fact though, there are few businesses, with which you deal every day, that make a greater difference in your environmental impact. Image

Whether you accept the idea of global warming or not, we can all agree it is a good idea to protect our environment and conserve our natural resources. What we don’t use doesn’t add to our trade imbalance.

 Were you aware that Ace heats our shop with your used waste oil? Ace also recycles over a thousand pounds per year of aluminum, four thousand pounds of copper and brass and ten thousand pounds of miscellaneous and mixed metals! That’s a lot of metal that doesn’t need to be imported, smelted or dug out of the ground. This is to say nothing of the precious and heavy metals Ace recycles from catalytic converters and batteries, which our suppliers recycle.

 Along these lines, when Ace gives you a tune-up, fuel injector flush, replaces an emissions sensor, or just a simple air filter, you reduce pollutants and improve mileage! These also protect far more expensive components that would most likely end up in a landfill. So, being green can even save you money!

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Fuel Saving Tip

Fuel Saving Tip: Fuel System Cleaning Can Make a World of Difference!

Posted on January 29, 2013

A lot of gas is wasted by dirty air and fuel delivery systems. You might be surprised to learn how many folks have never changed their air filter, choking their engines! This simple, inexpensive part often pays for its self in the fuel saved alone. What’s more, it protects both the engine and expensive emissions sensors.

At the other end, we have the tank. Condensation gathers and dilutes fuel, dirt, rust and sediment build up over years as well. That’s why there’s a fuel filter. A Dirty filter makes your fuel pump work harder and deprives the engine of the fuel it needs. A new fuel filter is cheap insurance against an expensive fuel pump.

Over time, your fuel intake gets coated with gum and varnish, even with perfectly clean fuel. This causes inefficient fuel delivery. Your engine doesn’t run as well, not utilizing the potential power in your fuel. Ace offers few preventative maintenance services that provide as quick and noticeable a difference as a fuel system service. This means more power, mileage, reliability and fewer emissions.Image

Lowered emissions are more than just, “green.” If your car emits less unburned, or improperly burned fuel, it will leave fewer deposits along the way. These are hard on important sensors that regulate the fuel you use. They are expensive as well!

See your owner’s manual or ask Ace Auto Doctor & Repair when a fuel system cleaning is recommended for your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did.

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Why People Hesitate to Service Their Vehicles.

Why People Hesitate to Service Their Vehicles.Image

Posted on January 22, 2013

80 percent of all cars have one or more service or repairs that need to be done (NHTSA). That’s 160,000,000 and you are trusting your family’s safety to those people driving right next to you (go ahead, look over and wave). Admittedly, some are minor. Still, it is not uncommon for folks to tell us they are going to park an unsafe car, only to see them hauling kids around in it the next day! Those are just the problems uncovered through inspections. Imagine how many others go undetected.

There are many reasons we don’t take care of important repairs and maintenance. Usually, it is just being uncomfortable with car care. We don’t feel like we know enough to make a wise decision. Some of this is because cars are so reliable now. They’ve almost become an appliance. If you don’t worry about it breaking down, you’re not forced to think as much about preventive maintenance.

People who don’t know as much about cars hesitate to ask questions. People who know a lot about cars don’t ask them either. Both worry that they will look ignorant. Ask questions! At Ace, we truly appreciate the opportunity to explain AND TO SHOW you what needs to be done. No reputable shop minds showing you anything. You will be more comfortable knowing you car is in good hands and your technician will have the opportunity to prove their expertise, reliability and honesty.

That brings us to the next issue; people say that they don’t always know if they really need the service or if they are just being sold something. At the heart, it speaks to trust. Trust has to be earned and that takes time, but you can short cut the process. Get to know your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules, or have our service writer print the factory recommendations for you. You know you can trust your owner’s manual!

You need to trust your technician’s experience alone, from time to time. When he inspects your vehicle, he may find broken or severely worn parts. Your service writer will explain them and gladly take you to actually see the problem. He will prioritize your concerns so you can make good decisions.

Finally; money is often a concern. Our money has many places it needs to go, as do you, in your car. Unfortunately, if you let simple maintenance go long enough, it will cost a lot more of that money, and perhaps you won’t be going anywhere.

Ace Auto Doctor & Repair invests heavily in training, diagnostic equipment and tools. Like any other business, we have labor, insurance, rent, utilities, supplies, taxes and so on. So, we understand what it’s like to prioritize spending. Whenever possible, we will help you determine which items need to be done immediately, and which can wait. Then we’ll try to schedule these to fit your budget.

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Power Steering

If you asked a hundred people, you’d find that most have never even heard of having their power steering serviced. Since most cars have hydraulic power steering assist, they have a pump to pressurize the fluid, and like all such fluids, it gets contaminated.  That contamination can be debris from wear or water from air seeping in and condensation.

Water is corrosive and damages expensive power steering components.  Removing the old fluid, and flushing out the system, gets rid of deposits and water. Clean, fresh fluid lubricates and provides better corrosion protection.

Ask Ace Auto Doctor & Repair, or check your owner’s manual, to see when power steering service is recommended. It’ll extend the life of your power steering components, from pumps and hoses to expensive steering racks.Image

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