Breath Easier

allergiesRecently, Ace posted the following on our Facebook page… If you, or a loved one, has allergies or asthma. You should watch this video and consider having Ace do an Evaporator Flush at least once a year…

The response has been interesting. Some that really need to be concerned seemed to ignore it. Others have been a bit overly concerned.

Besides the obvious considerations covered in the video, there are other reasons to wonder what is going on with your heating, cooling and ventilation system. For instance, if you have a rodent problem (any attached garage does), your cabin air filter is a favorite nesting ground. Do you really want to be breathing that mess? Imagine what they might do to the wiring in your vehicle as well.

Unlike your home, your car’s ventilation passages go through all temperature extremes while you sleep. This causes condensation that may or may not encourage the growth of mold, bacteria, or just hold dust.

Please give all this careful consideration as you decide if you would like to have the evaporator and vent passages of your vehicle cleaned at Ace Auto Doctor and Repair. Make an appointment at

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