Snafu App

snafuIf you routinely listen to or read articles from Wired, you are probably familiar with the hot new application called, “Snafu!” You can now use your smartphone to scan the barcode which reads your car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It will then tell you about any recalls and factory recommended repairs for your vehicle*. Unfortunately, it costs a pretty penny to have a monthly subscription, so it is most often employed by those in the business or holding a large number of cars.

Ace offers a FREE alternative. We can’t always check every vehicle in for repairs, but if you ask, we can check your VIN for recalls and factory recommended repairs.  This is on top of factory recommended service you can find on your vehicle’s FREE webpage. Perhaps you weren’t aware. You should have received a link to yours after your first visit to Ace.

Your personalized webpage includes your service history, videos to explain, helpful hints and specials. Be sure to give Ace your email address so we can set one up for you.

*You will seldom hear of these.  They aren’t required services or repairs, so they are most often overlooked until you have a problem.  Unfortunately, it may mean your vehicle isn’t performing completely up to par.

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